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WESTA Holding

We provide
more electric drive

WESTA Holding

We provide more
electric drive.

We create living spaces from aluminium, inox and activated carbon: We ensure a healthy indoor climate so that you can breathe easy! We use environmentally friendly and gentle technologies, implementing measures to protect against noise and dirt and making economical use of energy and raw materials our goal.

The Westa Group develops, produces and sells sophisticated systems for the automotive, industry, railway, trade and OEM appliances sectors. Our customers can choose from a highly developed, wide range of products that covers all the important areas of a system supplier.

"The 7 most important facts about the modern working world 4.0".
"For sustainable production and a circular economy."

Take advantage of our pioneering range of services tailored to the current needs of companies, from corrugated hose extrusion and lightweight construction processes to precision injection moulding and 3D printing. Our own research and development laboratories with highly qualified engineers, physicists and chemists develop applications for you that are unique on the world market.

Our customers trust in reliable products from Carbonit, ERO and Westaflex. Individual delivery service even of small quantities, warranty and service support, competent customer care by our international office and field staff, active sales support for specialist dealers and product training.

On the way to climate neutrality

On the way to climate neutrality

A We use our resources of energy, water, materials and space in a targeted, economical and environmentally conscious manner. We use our innovation potential to occupy the development and application leadership in the product fields and industries in which we are active.

B We promote the sense of responsibility and action of our employees towards environmental, health, occupational and accident protection and communicate the related measures at regular intervals. Open information about measures in the areas of quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency motivates employees and creates credibility among the public.

C We comply with the currently valid environmental regulations and laws. To achieve maximum legal certainty, we operate an electronic legal register. Those responsible for the areas have the necessary resources and information to maintain the improvement process.

D We strive for continuous improvement in environmental protection. This also includes the self-critical examination and re-evaluation of our processes, products and services with regard to undesirable environmental impacts and optimisation needs.

E We rely on new, modern production processes and technologies to manufacture our products. We take our environmental responsibility into account with sustainable concepts, because our vision is waste-free and CO2-neutral production. We actively pursue constant optimisation of production processes in order to conserve natural resources, use environmentally safer production processes, avoid emissions and offer our customers competent environmental advice.

F We prefer to procure environmentally compatible materials with regard to production, use and disposal. Quality-oriented, environmentally friendly and energy-saving production takes into account the entire product life cycle, from the product idea to the purchase of raw materials, consumables and supplies, production and recycling or disposal. Environmental and energy management is an integral part of plant planning and procurement.

G We ensure that waste is avoided and avoidable waste is recycled or disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. Our focus is on the application and further development of energy- and water-saving, low-emission and low-waste technologies.

H We use recyclable packaging material. This is done by regularly determining quality, environmental and energy data. On our way to Total Quality Management, the optimisation of internal processes, preventive error avoidance, exceptional product quality and on-time delivery are of particular importance.

I We involve our contractual partners in our environmental protection activities. The safety of our employees is of utmost importance, which is why the permanent increase of occupational safety is an integral part of our processes. The focus is on the avoidance of occupational accidents.

J We work together with environmental specialists who support and accompany us. The optimal service for our customers is always in the foreground. To this end, we continuously improve all our processes.

K We regularly conduct environmental audits and communicate the findings. Measures derived from this are openly presented within the company and externally.