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WESTA Holding

Sustainable products
and unique service

WESTA Holding

sustainable products and
unique service

The westa Group

A group that sets us apart

Sometimes you tend to simply forget about us. Yet we are always close by: we sit in a false ceiling, are built into the kitchen or are driven around. But if you think about it more closely, there is an invisible, strong power inherent in our everyday products that we take for granted. Not to mention the countless services they perform for us, like faithful friends whose silent presence gives us the certainty that they will always accompany us and stand by us through all of life's ups and downs. Because just like good partners, our group fills every building, train and car with life at all times. The future. Since 1933.

Westa Net is a diversified group of companies. This entrepreneurial past is reflected in the guiding principle "Connections that pay off". We focus on what we are particularly good at and want to be the best there: in this, air, comfort and water are important factors of life and an expression of what we do. And this is precisely where our identity is reflected when we say: we provide good air and clean water. We create living spaces from aluminium, inox and activated carbon: we provide a healthy indoor climate so that you can breathe easy! because we know where we come from. We are aware of this special responsibility and have therefore made it our goal to use environmentally friendly and gentle technologies, to implement measures to protect against noise and dirt, and to use energy and raw materials sparingly. We know where we stand and we know where we want our journey to go.

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Passion for perfect water

Water is the most important food. Pure and healthy water ensures clarity, well-being and a carefree attitude to life. The products from Carbonit follow this claim. If water should not only be clear but pure, if water should not only be clean but healthy, if it should not only be available at any time but also taste particularly good, then the "Filters Made in Germany" are the right choice in many countries of the world. Carbonit has been developing and producing filter elements for the treatment of drinking water in Salzwedel, Saxony-Anhalt, since 1997.

Your expert for stainless steel and aluminium

ERO Edelstahl-Rohrtechnik GmbH specialises in the manufacture of high-quality laser-cut, exhaust and ventilation pipes (supply air tower) made of stainless steel as well as welded stainless steel pipes. In the field of stainless steel technology, we manufacture individual stainless steel pipes and complex stainless steel pipe systems for ventilation and air-conditioning technology. The manufacture of electricity tank columns has expanded our range of products in recent years.

The future of mobility is electric

With our charging stations, entire multi-storey car parks and company parking areas can be equipped, just like the garage at home with a modern wallbox. Our LADEFOXX range covers the complete spectrum from charging cables to charging infrastructure and accessories.

We ensure good air and clean water.

Our engineers and technicians research innovative products, improved materials and more economical production methods. Application-specific solutions are developed in close cooperation with major universities, institutes and industrial companies. Because it's the little things that make your home special.